Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Dodge hybrid mini-van is a nice change

On a recent trip to the Philly Auto Show, I met a Dodge representative that was speaking all about the benefits of a new Dodge Hybrid mini-van, the feature of the truck were plentiful.

Among the features of course was the possibility of taking a trip or two around town and not spending any money on gasoline. It's sort of the way a lot of manufacturers are heading. Ford just recently announced an 11 Billion, yes that's a ''B" on battery technology in their vehicles.

Added safety features made this mini-van a solid favorite, as the Dodge 'lady' told me about lane departure, and more that serves to protect your family.

Just then, a mother with 2 kids and her husband entered the picture. The wife spoke of a great deal that the family got on one of these mini-vans last year. Again proving that listening to the customer is essential when making a good product.

The best thing about improved technology in vehicles is that even though the higher end cars usually get the best technologies toward safety first, the best usually are available in lesser cost vehicles not long after.

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