Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Toyota eager to make artificial intelligence your driver by 2020 

The driver-less car is a hot topic among techies these days. Using GPS satellite technology, a tech world dreams of a long winding road of profits driven by a car who is not a human being, but a machine.

The future may be starting as soon as today, with each model year, there are improvements designed to make our lives better. A driver who doesn't make mistakes? Is that possible? Perhaps we'll find out as these soul-less creatures take us on a trip down the road, perhaps to the corner store for a cup of coffee or a trip to the grocery store.

Who knows, maybe a machine can be better than some drivers on the road today?

Meanwhile, the same company is in the beginning stages of developing a 'flying car.' This car should be ready for the 2020 Olympics, I doubt what the video below shows, is the extent of production of this project currently, this looks strangely like a Orville Wright video of the early stages of flight.


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