Thursday, December 28, 2017

2018 Rolls Royce Phantom - The Rolls, a very nice Christmas gift from basketball player

A Rolls Royce turns heads wherever you see one, here's a video of the latest model available:

Basketball draft pick Lonzo Ball gave the ultimate gift to his dad, La Var, over the Christmas holiday. A brand new Rolls Royce for dad. Talk about a son who appreciates his father. The presence of a Rolls commands respect, imagine the first time you saw one on the road. In California is where you see most of them. LA is sprinkled with money and glamor, so if you want to go 'Rolls spotting' that would be the place to see them.

Many people associate Rolls Royce with just cars, but the are a whole lot more than that, it's a multi-faceted company with engines that propel the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and some of the biggest ships in the world.

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