Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The perils of buying auto parts online from places like RockAuto.com

Relabeled product (usually a sign of problems) that looked like it had been through a couple wars, that's what they ship from RockAuto.com - so buyer beware! Things like this give the aftermarket parts business a black eye

Most of the time, you'll be fine. You've been a purchaser of online parts a few times already and to save a couple of bucks, you've pushed aside the local bricks and mortar parts companies for a quick 20 to 30 percent discount that the online companies like RockAuto.com and PartsGeek.com offer among others.

You'll be alright of course until you've ordered that part, and it comes in shipped in a box that looks like it's been through a couple battle fields, so tattered that you even raise an eyebrow when you take it out of the box.

Welcome to the world of online parts purchases.

In the local store, if a counterperson went to give you that part, you would have immediately requested another one. Ahh, but you aren't at the counter now, you've already paid for your part and are waiting for it to come in.

Sure, you can return the item to the online retailer, at your expense. So if you have a brake drum or two to return, you'll lose all of that savings really quick upon your returning the parts to your online retailer and then take your lumps and have to go get them locally expecially if your vehicle is now all torn apart and you have to fix it properly to get back on the road.

An experience happened to me like that recently, and it's not pretty. Yes, as we know there are defective parts that get misplaced in boxes, people return things wrongly in boxes as well, so the online parts world can be pretty sketchy at times.

I just had a problem with parts myself recently and upon my protest, I just got a standard response that was easily dismissed by the company, essentially, if you're not happy just return it... Well, yes I wasn't happy and I think I've learned a valuable lesson about buying your parts online, and I buy a lot of parts in my line of business. No thanks online companies, you've earned your last dollar from this writer.

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