Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Cars In Movies" the Memorial Day edition of 'Car And Truck Talk USA'

It's Rich Baxter and Eric The Car Guy bringing you a special edition of 'Car And Truck Talk USA' for the Memorial Day holiday weekend, talking 'Cars In Movies'.  What is your favorite tv show or movie that has a car in it? We take your calls and tell you about a few of the movies that we love that have famous cars in it. 

We're also joined by our good buddy from Germany, Guido also known as 'The Getwayer' on YouTube. Guido makes the coolest videos around on his favorite sports cars. It was nice to talk to Guido about his great videos that he has made already.

Looking for a specific car in a movie or tv show? Check out this special site about cars, and trucks in movies. It's called the

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