Friday, May 20, 2011

'Car And Truck Talk USA' rare Saturday show 5/21 at 4 PM EDT

   Join us this Saturday afternoon as we talk more of what you like to hear. It's 'Car And Truck Talk USA' of course and you can join in on the fun. Visit our chat room and nice folks who join us from all over the world, why you can even be part of the show by talking with us! 

   Want to learn more where you can listen to and participate in the show? Watch this video and find out how!


How to listen to the previous shows:

You can listen live when we do the show or with the 'Talkshoe' player that you see on the website here and on EricTheCarGuy's site. Just click the 'Select a past episode' arrow on the player itself and you'll be able to choose what show you want to listen to. 

Another way to listen to the shows in on your iPod, or iPod Touch, or iPad by downloading our shows via iTunes. You can also do the same for any other mp3 player and we are on Android devices as well. Android devices have a couple of Apps where you can find the show, Google's Listen is one of them and doubleTwist is another.

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