Sunday, March 13, 2011

Daylight savings time edition of 'Car And Truck Talk USA' at 12 Noon today

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This weekend we have a special show on 'automotive tools' what you should have to consider yourself as a mechanic, and of course more of our favorite subject - Cars And Trucks! Repairs, and service.

 Your invited to take part in the show. Join us live on Sunday for another exciting edition of 'Car And Truck Talk USA' with Eric from and Rich Baxter from this website as we talk about your favorite cars, trucks, and SUV's.

You can call in and possibly get your questioned answered on the show, or you can just join us in the chat room where sometimes we get some of the best questions!

 So if you're able to listen live you can come right here to this website, and click on the audio player in this post, or go to Eric's site and do the same and you'll be right into our internet portal and chat room. Call into the show when we are live the next show is Sunday, March, 6th at 12 Noon EST, 9 am Pacific

 You can call in and speak to us live at 724-444-7444 - once prompted you enter our show ID # which is 77402. Once connected to the show, you listen to the show over the phone until we can take your call. You can also participate in the show by your microphone that is connected to your computer, just click the player to get into the chat room and be able to talk with us over the internet via TalkShoe.

 Email question or comments:     Talk @ or Talk @

Follow Rich and Eric on twitter:

 Don't have time for the live show? Listen to the show on your iPod, iPad, or iPhone - the Car And Truck Talk USA show is on the iTunes Music store, link to iTunes the side of the website to download the shows, of course you must have iTunes installed on your computer for the link to work. We're also on Android tablets and phones, and other devices! So check us out and take us along for the ride. Remember, just go to Car And Truck or to hear the show by clicking on the player on the page when our show is live.

 Download 'TalkShoe Pro' to communicate with the show with your microphone, we'll try to get your question on the show!

Check out the car made of play doh to let Londoners know it's coming soon to dealers there by Chevrolet:

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