Sunday, March 6, 2011

'Car And Truck Talk USA' show for March 6, 2011

  It's the 'dealership experience' show, we've all had them. Good and bad. I remember selling cars with a lot of fond memories, I tried to treat my customers like friends, and it was a great experience. What are your experiences? Here is a show about different experiences at the dealer on the March 6th edition of 'Car And Truck Talk USA' with Rich Baxter and Eric The Car Guy.

  We talk about the rising price of gas, and how we like to help us find the most reasonable prices around town for gas. Eric answers a question or two: one from an avid listener from Germany who got the 'shaft' when he went to buy a transmission for his Supra. I didn't know a 'shaft' was part of the trans! :) All of this and more on this edition of the show that is growing in listenership by leaps and bounds.

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