Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Toyota does 'the right thing' and suspends sales on mystery problem

Our own U.S. Federal government agency that is supposed to care about motoring safety wouldn't have made this move, but Toyota gets great kudos for suspending sales of models of cars, trucks, and suv's that may have a serious problem. This is the first time that a manufacturer noticed that there may be a serious problem with some of their vehicles and reacted with swift action to come to the bottom of the problem that is causing certain Toyota models to suddenly accelerate to high speeds without warning.

All in all, there are 8 Toyota models affected on this latest look at what may be a serious problem. Up to 18 reported deaths may be attributable to this problem according to published reports. If anything, Toyota took the high road on this, where other manufacturers may have waited for govenmental action that may have never came. Several dealers are still selling cars despite the announcement that sales of them have ceased however.

There will be confusion on this, but when the dust clears, the best thing to do is what Toyota did. They are putting their customer safety first, where no one else would.

Here's a news report on the Toyota action taken just today:

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