Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ford's SYNC a hit with tech folks and the plain buying public


     It's no secret that Ford Motors is one of the most stabile car companies in America. They've weathered the storm of the economic downturn very well. One of the reasons of this success is that Ford has embraced new technology. It's SYNC program is very well received by a public that is hungry for new tech products when it comes to riding in their vehicle. It's something that GM seems to ignore and the buying public knows it.

     Having your iPod or mp3 player along for the ride should be second nature for car companies. Ford realized this early and now makes it simple to connect your devices to its new cars and trucks using SYNC. Having built in bluetooth and extra functionality is essential to today's motoring public. Slowly, it is making it's way towards other American car manufacturers but there is still a lot more for them to do on this front.

       Listen to a podcast about the SYNC right here

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