Friday, September 4, 2009

Electric powered cars still on drawing boards

The rush to implement electric powered cars has slowed over the past 12-18 months after record high gasoline prices during the time that the Bush administration occupied the Oval Office. However, the drawing boards are still full of 'possible' replacement vehicles of the future that run off of electrical charging stations.

Not only is all of this happening because of the price of gasoline, it is also happening to give a solution to the global warming and pollution problems. Germany has just committed $705 million dollars into the concept of having more electrical vehicles on thier roadways in the coming years. BMW and Volkswagen are also just a couple years away from their offerings in this market. Chevrolet will unveil it's new Volt car later this year, and we will see how much consumers take to the idea when it is released. France is also giving a green light to battery powered vehicles as well.

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