Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Get your motors running.... Manufacturers gear up on increased demand

Ford says that it thinks the worst is over for US auto sales. The 'cash for clunkers' program has proven to get those buyers out there and making purchases with the incentive of getting a nice trade in on that old car that didn't get good gas mileage that has been laying around the yard.

US based car manufacturers are trying to gain ground on Toyota and Honda. A lot of marketing is getting airplay and print and web ads to bring the buyer back and make them buy American. People are splitting their purchases again and all manufacturers have been prospering, so it's going to take a while to see if US automakers will come out on top as they try to convince us that the clunkers were trading in now, aren't going to be clunkers that you can't get rid of in 5 years after you've paid the new car off.

July almost saw 10 million cars sold in the USA, and that's been a great shot in the arm to dealers that have been on life support for the past two years or so since high gasoline prices and economic uncertainty filled the air. What will the future sales hold? That's a great question after this round of buyers get finished making their purchases.

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