Sunday, April 26, 2009

A new way to purchase cars and trucks in the USA needed?

For most car, truck, or SUV buyers the worst part of their experience is being ripped off by a car dealer when they go to purchase their vehicle. Perhaps an approach by car manufacturers should be to deal direct with purchasers and bypass the traditional car lot buying experience.

It all seems so great when you go to the manufacturers websites to look up information on your upcoming purchase. The facts and figures look right, and you can configure specifications you want within a few clicks. Then you go to a independent dealer in person and your experience changes dramatically. You have your typical sales managers that try to stuff more gingerbread into your vehicle at really big profit margins to the dealers and you walk out of their or run with a totally different experience than what you wanted.

Is it time for the manufacturers to now deal direct with the public? The bottom line is the bottom line, why then do car dealers effectively be so hard to deal with. This is a new computer age, and all of the stuff that used to be so secret is out in the open now concerning pricing. Dealers will try to charge you as much as you'll pay believe me, I've seen it personally. So why then can't large manufacturers start to weed the shady dealers out and give us what we want as vehicle buyers; a good deal without being ripped off?

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