Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ford gets happy with the new 'Fiesta'

Ford Fiesta: coming soon the new subcompact

  I remember as a teenager a very small boxy car from Ford called the Ford Fiesta. The good old days are back again, and so is the Fiesta. The competitors responded to $4 per gallon gas fairly quickly this time around. Toyota has it's Yaris, Chevrolet, the Aveo, and now Ford albeit a little late to the game is releasing the Fiesta. Yes, same name but it's been updated for the times and we'll be hearing about it towards the end of the month on Ford commercials.

   Ford is going after the younger driver, and had an online competition that will see 100 'young' people get a free Fiesta, gas, and car insurance for 6 months. They will in turn drive the vehicle, and make observations about it on video clips uploaded to the internet. Forget about all the old timers, maybe the ones that have money to buy a car. No, Ford is going young and appealling to the new 'younger' potential buyers. Hmmm.... that kind of leaves us older folks out of the equation just a little. The gas price see-saw has even swung back the other way and now, there is still concern about the prices, but not a panic like it was 8-9 months ago when we still had $4 a gallon gas across the US.

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