Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Couldn't lease a car or truck this past weekend!

How can you sell a car or truck with no leasing?

No wonder the car and truck sales are down. Despite several billion dollars being spent by the government and funnelled to the car manufacturers, there is very little if any leasing going on at Chrysler, GM, or Hyundai. If fact just this past weekend, my wife and I went out and tried to lease a vehicle. No can do, said all the dealers we went to . We wanted to make a deal, and there was nobody out there to lease us a vehicle. 

  We went to Jeep first, and just as fast as the salesman introduced himself, he announced "We're not leasing anything" upon our telling him we were looking for a new Jeep. This fact was confirmed when we went inside the dealership and the manager confirmed this. There is no one leasing a vehicle out there in this market, and that is a shame. We didn't even get past square one with several dealers. "No we aren't leasing anything is what we were told."  VW and Audi were still leasing but we weren't interested in their offerings. 

   Our local Ford dealer has leases to offer but hardly any vehicles, so we left there in search of a dealer we could make a deal with, and we couldn't find one!  

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