Monday, May 19, 2008

We're back! Rich and Rick are back on the show!

This was the Caddy by Custom Car Audio we spoke about on our last show:
note the video screens in the turn signals!

We're glad to be back on the show. Rich is back from Paris and getting married, and Rick is rested up for more tips from the show we love to do. On this show we talk about a lot of topics and we had some participation from our chat room as usual so give it a listen and hear it for yourself.

One of our plans is to be on the radio in the Atlantic City, New Jersey area on ESPN 1450 a.m. by the end of June. We are still in negotiations for that for now so no current firm plans are available to announce. Our show will be essentially the same as it is now and we can't wait to do it. Our show will still be available on podcast form and on! So when we get the firm plans to announce, we'll do it here first. The show takes sponsors, and right now the sponsors need to be gathered!

Our new call in phone line for tech questions, or leaving us a comment is in place, you can give us a call with your specific car problems and leave us a message just call us at 609-829-3125 and we'll be able to get your car question on the show perhaps.

Rich Baxter / Car and Truck Talk USA

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