Friday, May 16, 2008

Gasoline prices continue to rise, the V8 will be the next dinosaur

4.00 plus

With gasoline prices on a steady rise, the impending impact on the V8 motor in cars and trucks is seemingly leaving it doomed here in the USA. Prices on the west coast of the USA are now in the $4.00 and more range for a gallon of regular gas, this is going to entice people to dump their gas guzzling vehicles to get relief from the fuel bills that have now escalated out of control.

Look for an exodus to the smaller vehicles in the next 6 months to 1 year as consumers will have no choice but to trade these vehicles in. The bigger suv and pickup will become a dime a dozen soon as no one will be able to afford to fuel these thirsty beasts. It seems that the gasoline prices are here to stay and not just a rise because of so called OPEC demand and supply issues.
Tune into our next show this Saturday night for Rich and Rick's take on what to do with this fuel crunch!

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